GettyImages_72540975Msmoneyhunter.com provides current and future college students with scholarship search, scholarship application assistance and college financial aid consulting.  Msmoneyhunter also helps nonprofit organizations find grant funding and provides freelance grant writing services.

Why Choose Ms. Moneyhunter?

  • Personalized Scholarship Search
  • Privacy: We Don’t Share/Sell Your Information to Solicitors
  • Save Time: We Do the Search for You!
  • We Have Access to Thousands of Grant Funding Sources

How Does It Work?

On the contact page provide information on the type of service/s you are seeking (help finding scholarships or grants and application writing assistance, or freelance grant writing assistance). Within 5-7 days you will get a follow up email.  Ms. Moneyhunter will do an initial search and tell you how many scholarships were found for your area of study. If you would like to move forward we would charge an initial fee of $150 to provide you with a due date calendar of scholarships.

If you need scholarship application writing assistance the range is $45-$75 per application.

For freelance grant writing service Ms Moneyhunter will meet with you to discuss your needs and do a Contract for Services.  We will collect all the necessary documents from you and write the grants you want.

If you want fast access to funding resources, contact us today at info@msmoneyhunter.com for a free consultation!

*See Services Page for privacy policy and more pricing.

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